Land Rover Pumpkin

We’re getting a head start on Halloween here at RoverGuide!

If I learned anything today, it’s to not give up my day job to become a professional pumpkin carver. Given it has probably been the better part of 20 years since I have laid into a pumpkin that wasn’t in the form of a pie, I was reminded of just how sticky and slimy the insides can be. But, all-in-all, it didn’t turn out too bad for a first attempt.

Carving the Land Rover Pumpkin

Getting the pumpkin set up for carving was pretty easy. All you have to do is print out the pattern, tape it to the pumpkin, and then use a razor blade to outline whatever it is you are trying to carve. Remove the pattern and you’ll be able to see the lines made in the pumpkin skin (plus, they’ll be oozing juice). After that, it’s just a matter of patiently and carefully carving away small sections of the skin to reveal the portion of the design you want to be lighted from inside the pumpkin. After you’re finished with the design, carve a hole in the bottom of the pumpkin and scrape out the ooze. Scrape the area where the carving is so it’s thin enough to see light through. That’s all there is to it.

Things Learned Today (or Rather, Re-Learned)

  • Pumpkins are juicy. They ooze sticky juice out of every cut.
  • Pumpkin guts are slimy.
  • Pumpkin guts are sticky.
  • Stinging nettles like to grow under blackberry bushes.
  • Chisels and razor blades are not ideal pumpkin carving tools.
  • Carved pumpkins can be preserved with a water and bleach solution.
  • Medium sized pumpkins cost $4.00 each.
  • Neighbors look at you funny when you are carving a pumpkin in September.
  • There are people who make a living by carving pumpkins.
  • You can achieve a surprising level of detail on a pumpkin, if you want to.
  • Pumpkin-shaped marshmallows taste better than real pumpkin.


Land Rover Pumpkin

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September 25, 2011




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