Defender DC100 Concept Pickup Truck Rendering

We are not exactly Photoshop masters here at RoverGuide, but curiosity got the better of us and we whipped up a couple of crude renderings that depict the new Defender DC100 as a pickup truck and as a four-door (ostensibly a Defender 110) with half-doors. These are purely speculative renderings. There has been no indication that Land Rover will build or display any DC100 concept other than the two-door sport utility* (pictured inset). However, it is certain that Land Rover’s production Defender will be available in a number of body styles. The utility, military, and NGO markets are far too important to the company to offer the new Defender only as a sport utility vehicle.

Land Rover DC100 Concept

The Official Land Rover DC100 Concept

We think the DC100 looks a little more “Defenderish” in pickup truck and four-door trims. Lose the ridiculously oversized wheels, square it up (aerodynamics be damned), and we think the DC100 could have potential. As it is, we have to say the DC100 looks more likeĀ  the love child of a Kia Soul and a Skoda Yeti, rather than a true replacement for the Defender. Thankfully, Land Rover has declared the DC100 concept to be a jumping off point to spur discussion about the future of the Defender, and not a concept fast-tracked for production.

So far, less than 24 hours since photos were released, feedback on Land Rover’s Facebook page has been harsh. Many comments are critical of the lack of evolutionary design found in the DC100. It’s simply not a Defender. It’s an entirely new vehicle. Now, we don’t know for certain what’s underneath the new skin, so we’re working on gut reactions to the exterior aesthetics. There is certainly no denying that the DC100 has little to nothing in common with the current vehicle, other than perhaps a nod toward the utilitarian with the exposed recovery hooks and the bumper-mounted winch.

We will know more in two weeks, when the DC100 is unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

Defender DC100 Pickup Truck Rendering

Defender DC100 Concept Truck Rendering

Defender DC100 Concept Four-Door Rendering

*Thanks to Google’s all-seeing eye, it was revealed on 9/12/2011 that Land Rover also has a DC100 Sport concept that will be unveiled at the same time as the DC100. The DC100 Sport is a performance-oriented pickup truck roadster.

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August 31, 2011

Todd A. Jensen

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