Land Rover Range_e Diesel Hybrid

The Royal Automobile Club (RAC) Future Car Challenge has announced Land Rover will enter three Range_e diesel hybrid vehicles in the 2011 event. This year’s Challenge takes place on Saturday November 5th. The live event uses a 60-mile route and the challenge is to drive from Brighton to London using the least energy possible within the 2 hour 45 minute minimum and 3 hour 30 minute maximum. The challenge is open to any road-legal development, concept, pre-production, production, or light commercial vehicle that features new or alternative low-energy fuel sources from the following five categories: Pure Electric (EV), Extended-Range/Plug-In Hybrid (E-REV, PHEV), Hybrid (HV, HEV), Hydrogen (HFEV), and Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) with up to 110g/km CO2 emission.

The Land Rover Range_e

Still in development, the Range_e is a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) diesel-electric that is part of Land Rover’s extensive e_Terrain technology initiatives. Based on the Range Rover Sport, the Range_e makes use of a 245-horsepower 3.0-liter TDV6 engine and eight-speed automatic transmission. Backing the TDV6 is a 69kW electric motor and a 14.2kW/h lithium-ion battery that can be recharged from an external 240V power source. The current Range_e development vehicle is capable of traveling on electric power alone for more than 20 miles with zero harmful tailpipe emissions. Combined driving range is said to be in the neighborhood of 690 miles with overall CO2 emissions of 89g/km. For comparison, the upcoming 2012 Range Rover Sport’s 256-horsepower diesel CO2 emissions are 230g/km. And yes, the Range_e retains its four-wheel drive capabilities.

“We very much welcome the involvement of Land Rover by entering three of its prototype Range_e vehicles. The RAC Future Car Challenge is, by definition, an event to bring future vehicle technology to the attention of the car buying public. This will enable them to make better informed choices when considering the environmental impact of future vehicle purchases,” said Ben Cussons, Chairman of the Royal Automobile Club Motoring Committee and the FCC Technical Panel.

The Range_e is scheduled to go into production in 2013 as Land Rover’s first hybrid-electric production vehicle. So far, details are scarce on just how much of this diesel and/or hybrid technology will make it to U.S. shores, but as they say, patience is a virtue.

Land Rover Range_e Diesel Hybrid

[via RAC Future Car Challenge]

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August 7, 2011


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