2011 Land Rover Freelander 2

The elephant in Land Rover’s room is certainly the company’s track record of dubious reliability. Despite consistently scoring very well in owner satisfaction surveys, Land Rover suffers from poor reliability ratings. The latest blow to Land Rover came with What Car?’s 2011 Reliability Survey. What Car? performs the study in conjunction with Warranty Direct (UK) and uses Warranty Direct claims data to analyze 35 brands and 250 models for reliability. The study includes only models for which Warranty Direct has 50 or more covered vehicles and excludes cars over eight years old. A Reliability Index (RI) number is assigned to each vehicle in the study with a lower number representing greater reliability. The average RI is 100.

Land Rover’s Reliability Index Scores

For 2011, the survey ranked the Land Rover brand last with an overall RI of 219 and a failure rate of 55%. The average repair cost was shown as $653.00. Land Rover has ranked last for 10 consecutive years, but there is a silver lining behind that dark cloud with the 2006 and newer Freelander, which scored an RI of 44. The worst Land Rover product RI belonged to the 2002 and newer Range Rover, which scored 293. Among the individual models, the Range Rover came in third to last ahead of two Mercedes-Benz products.

Here is a breakdown of all Land Rover models included in the survey:

Discovery (2004 – Current): 190 RI
Discovery (1998 – 2004):  190 RI
Freelander (2006 – Current): 44 RI
Freelander (2003 – 2007): 132 RI
Freelander (2000 – 2003): 230 RI
Range Rover Sport (2005 – Current): 143 RI
Range Rover (2002 – Current): 293 RI

Topping the study was Honda with an average RI score of 30 and a 9% failure rate, Toyota with an average RI of 56 and a 14% failure rate, and Lexus with an average RI of 58 and a failure rate of 15%. Honda took the number one spot for the sixth straight year. The Mercedes-Benz SL-Class (349 RI) and the Mercedes-Benz CL-Class (327 RI) bottomed out the individual model rankings.

2011 Land Rover Freelander 2

[via What Car?, Warranty Direct]

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July 31, 2011


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