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By now you have almost certainly heard of the Progressive Snapshot program. Snapshot is a program that provides auto insurance discounts of up to 30% based on how you drive.  The hitch is that you must install the Snapshot tracking device in your vehicle and allow it to collect data on your driving habits. The program is not without criticisms (more about those in a future post), but now you will be able to hear directly from a source using the device in a Land Rover.

UPDATE 8/20/2011: We have an update on our use of the Progressive Snapshot program.

What the Snapshot Device Does

The Snapshot device records and transmits a variety of data points that Progressive uses to calculate your auto insurance discount (if any). The primary data points include speed, number of trips, duration, total mileage, hard brakes, speed, and the time of day during which you drive. Hard brakes are defined as “a decrease in speed of 7 mph per second or greater.” You can see the definition of the time risks in the screenshot below. Allegedly, the Snapshot device does not track GPS data, which makes it impossible for Progressive to know if you are speeding (unless you drive 90 mph everywhere you go) or where you are at any given time. The company also says your rate will not increase based on the data collected.

The Snapshot Device Itself

The device itself is a small blue box that plugs directly into the OBDII port. We plugged the device into the port and, perhaps with a little trepidation, started the LR3. We’re happy to report there were no bells, lights, chimes, dings, or dongs to be heard or seen. The device is transparent as far as the Land Rover is concerned. On the LR3, the Snapshot unit is in somewhat of a precarious location, but does not protrude as far as the photo above makes it seem.

The Snapshot Logs

After running a few errands we loaded up the Progressive online Snapshot tracking to see how we had done. Below is what the Trip Details Log looks like. We’ll keep you posted with our progress.Progressive Snapshot Speed Chart

RoverGuide is not affiliated with Progressive beyond being a customer.

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July 19, 2011


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