June 2011 U.S. Land Rover Sales

Jaguar Land Rover has announced U.S. sales data for June 2011. While Jaguar was down 14 percent from June 2010 figures with 1,389 sales, the Land Rover brand enjoyed another month of increasing sales. Land Rover’s overall sales were up 13 percent from June 2010, with total sales coming in at 3,152 units. Combined sales for the two brands resulted in a 3 percent increase over June 2010, with a total of 4,541 vehicles sold.

“Sales of the Jaguar XK and Range Rover illustrate the momentum behind both the Jaguar and Land Rover brands,” said Andy Goss, President, Jaguar Land Rover North America. “Jaguar had its highest volume sales of the year and Land Rover continues to show growth across all its full-size SUVs.”

Once again the Range Rover Sport was the sales leader with 1,233 units sold, a 21 percent increase over June 2010. The LR4 was up 12 percent to 757 units, the Range Rover was up 35 percent with 935 units.  For the year, Land Rover’s U.S. sales are up 16 percent compared to 2010, with a total of 17,292 units sold.

Note “full-size SUVs” in the quote above. Totaling up the numbers, we can see the LR2 is barely moving the needle so far in 2011.

2011 Land Rover Monthly U.S. Sales Totals

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July 7, 2011


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