Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept Preview

A short while back we posted Land Rover’s teaser video hinting at its New Age of Discovery. The video essentially revealed nothing about the upcoming Discovery line revamp, but this evening we have a new video and a short press release that gives us a little more info before the upcoming New York International Auto Show. Land Rover has dubbed the new concept the Discovery Vision.

Exterior and Interior Details Revealed

The new 41-second video shows off some exterior details, but focuses primarily on the interior. Exterior bits include a look at what appears to be a stepped roof profile, a closeup shot of a torqued wheel design, and a very brief and blurry image of the rear that gave us a very vague initial Range Rover Classic vibe. On the inside, we see a variety of folding seats, a sleek center console with a couple of dials on it, more folding seats, what we’re taking to be a shot down through a glass roof, and a streamlined center column devoid of any bits, baubles, or buttons. 

“New, Compelling, Relevant Design Direction”

In the release, Land Rover’s Gerry McGovern stated, “Discovery has been pivotal in helping to build the foundations of the Land Rover brand. It is admired all over the world and loved by its strong customer base. We have created the Vision Concept to share the essence of Land Rover’s new age of Discovery and to debut a new, compelling, relevant design direction that connects on an emotional level with customers of today and tomorrow.”

If you are a Land Rover traditionalist, you may be a little worried about the “new, compelling, relevant design direction” bit when combined with “customers of today and tomorrow.” Will we get a repeat of the DC100 Concept controversy that rattled the Land Rover enthusiast community or will the New Age of Discovery further “[build] the foundations of the Land Rover brand” in a way that meets the approval of the more traditional brand purists?

We’ll find out more during the run-up to the NYIAS, which begins its media preview April 16th.  

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April 2, 2014


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