Journey of Discovery in Beijing

Earlier this week, Land Rover’s Journey of Discovery rolled into Beijing, China, just in time for the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition (Auto China). Over the course of the 50 day journey that started on February 29th, 2012, at the Solihull plant where the 1,000,000th Discovery was built, the team has visited 13 countries and visited 78 cities.

Did We Say 8,000 Miles? 

As anybody who has gone on an expedition or road trip of their own will tell you, the planning never quite goes as planned. In fact, the “8,000-mile route” turned into 10,000 miles of travel with 2,920 miles of that spent hurrying across China to reach Beijing. The number of miles accumulated by the convoy is not the only impressive number. Along the way, the Journey of Discovery team took 17,500 images and 80 hours of video. In total, 112 people participated directly in the event, including crew and media.

Fundraising Goal at 50%

But, they’re not finished yet. The fundraising portion of the expedition will not conclude until the end of next month. Land Rover said it will be “continuing to push to reach or exceed our target right up to the end of May.” The last time we checked, Land Rover had reached the 50% mark by raising approximately $800,000.00 for the IFRC’s water sanitation project in Uganda. You can help by visiting Land Rover’s 1,000,000th Discovery page

Journey of Discovery in Beijing

Passing through a wind farm outside of Beijing. China has been adopting progressive energy technologies to help offset growing environmental problems. Meanwhile, in RoverGuide’s little corner of the world, NIMBY residents fight tooth and nail to keep the wind towers out.

Journey of Discovery in Beijing

Almost there!

Journey of Discovery in Beijing

Smooth roads help the team make some time on their way into Beijing. 

Journey of Discovery in Beijing

The Journey of Discovery drives through Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China.

Journey of Discovery in Beijing

Journey of Discovery in Beijing

Pictured in front of the Bird’s Nest Stadium in Beijing.

Journey of Discovery in Beijing

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April 26, 2012


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