2012 Loder1899 Horus Evoque

What you’re looking at here is the new Loder1899 Horus edition Range Rover Evoque. If you paid attention in school (we didn’t) or are a mythology geek (we are), you’ll know Horus is a major deity belonging to the ancient Egyptian mythos. Loder1899, a German tuner, says it was inspired by the falcon-headed god to create what it calls a “discreet” bespoke Evoque — say “discreet bespoke Evoque” three times fast. 

We guess “discreet” is in the eye of the beholder when it comes to cars trimmed in bright cherry red. However, the exterior modifications we see here do have a certain appeal. A widebody kit, front treatment with mesh grill inserts, ridiculously oversized 23-inch Elements IV wheels with rubber bands for tires, rear treatment with square exhaust outlets, and a lowered suspension give the car an aggressive appearance without resorting to huge “squirrel scooper” intake vents.

The Hood Lettering Remains Intact

If you live in a region that doesn’t have an unnatural fear of diesel vehicles, Loder1899 also offers a performance upgrade.

We have to admit, we’re a little worn out on black and red customs. Fortunately, if you are buying a bespoke 2012 Range Rover Evoque, the company you purchase it from will more than likely be quite willing to paint it whatever color your heart desires. More importantly, we like the fact the hood lettering remains intact on the Horus Range Rover Evoque. We’ve said it before and we’ll undoubtedly say it again, but we find it a little presumptuous when custom car builders replace the hood script. Just a pet peeve of ours.

Now if Loder1899 could just get Zahi Hawass to endorse the car.

Performance Upgrade

The model you see before you is an Evoque SD4, which means you can’t have it if you are in the U.S. market. If you do happen live in a region that doesn’t have an unnatural fear of diesel vehicles, Loder1899 is also offering a performance boost to the SD4’s engine. With the upgrade, top speed jumps by 10 MPH and the zero-to-60 figure shaves about 3/10ths of a second off the time. The package comes in at £10,070.00 (approximately $16,000.00).

2012 Loder1899 Horus Evoque Front View

2012 Loder1899 Horus Evoque Rear View

2012 Loder1899 Horus Evoque Rear High View

2012 Loder1899 Horus Evoque Low Front View

2012 Loder1899 Horus Evoque Rear Low View

2012 Loder1899 Horus Evoque Low Front View


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April 12, 2012


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